28° 22' north  -  108° 55' west  -  Altitud: 4,110 ft above sea level

Municipio de Yécora, Sonora, México
Cabecera Municipal: Yécora
Important localities: Tepoca, Santa Ana y Santa Rosa.
Suurface: 3,312  km˛

    Yécora, Pima territory before the arrival of the Spanish conqueror was founded in 1673 by Alonso Victoria, a Jesuit missionary who called the place San Ildefonso de Yécora. Governor Adolfo de la Huerta declared the city  Municipal capital on August 28, 1916.   

    Situated in a peaceful valley at the south-east side of Sonora, borders the state of Chihuahua alongside  the occidental Sierra Madre highlands. It's unique geographical position in a mountainous terrain defines clearly the four seasons of the year with temperatures ranging from 27°C in summer to 7°C in winter with frost and snow.

    There are plenty of pine forests and the animals you will find in the region are turtles, frogs, white tail deer and golden eagles.

   The natural reserve "Mesa del Campanero - Arroyo el Reparo" is a powerful attraction to nature lovers.

    The arrival to Yécora is by a well paved highway from Hermosillo distant 165 miles or from Ciudad Obregón at 128 miles, highway that continues thru the mountains to Chihuahua, the neighbor state.

    The economy of the region is based on its forest and cattle raising. The beauty of the place, the excellent climate, the great variety of trees, plants and flowers and the wide amount of animals have generated in the last years an increment on the tourist flow to the region. Today, hotels and restaurants offer the visitor an excellent service.

How to arrive:
From Hermosillo: take the highway to La Colorada - Tecoripa - San Javier - Tonichi  - San Nicolás up to Yécora.- (165 miles).
From Ciudad Obregón: take north exit to Esperanza. Turn right to Hornos and pass the following cities: Rosario, Nuri, San Nicólas up to  Yécora (128 miles).


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