30° 37' north - 111° 03' west   - 2,273 ft.


Magdalena is located at 114 miles north of Hermosillo, capital of the State of Sonora and there are only 55 miles to the border with USA. Originally it was an Indian settlement, describe by the Spanish explorer  Francisco Vazquez de Coronado as a small agricultural village with no more than 300 inhabitants in the year of 1541.

    The Jesuit missioner Eusebio Francisco Kino founds in 1688 the mission of Santa María de Magdalena de Buquivaba. Habitated by Pimas, the missioners taught them to work with clay and to make "adobes" for their houses, work and carve wood and to plant frutal trees such us membrillos, granates and peaches.

     Special attractions are: Santa María Magdalena church were an image of San Francisco Javier is venerated, father Kino's mausoleum who died in 1711, the Monumental Plaza where Kino rests. the  Casa de Cultura and father Kino's museum.

    The region celebrates in may the Festival Cultural Kino and the Fiestas de San Isidro. In July the Fiestas de San Ignacio, in august San Lorenzo and San Ramón festivities and from September 28 to October 7 the San Francisco's fiestas.

How to arrive:
Take International Highway #15:
      56 miles south of Nogales or
      11 miles north of  Santa Ana.






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