26° 50' north -  109° 39'  west - Altitud: 65 ft asl


    Huatabampo's main activities are agriculture and industrial fishing.

   The territory was originally habitated by the Mayo indians. In 1614 jesuit missionaries Pedro Mendéz and  Diego de la Cruz  and Captain Diego Martínez de Iturbide founded alongside the Mayo River the towns of la Misión del Mayo. One of them was Santa Cruz, located where Huatabampo is today.

   Huatabampo is located at the southern part of the state.

  More than 7 kilometers of beautiful virgin beaches bathe the coastline of Huatabampo, beaches with fine sand, blue water and spectacular sundowns. We recomnd a visit to Huatabampito beach and to the Port of Yaváros. During the first months of the year whales coming from cold  waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.The coast line of Huatabampo offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.


How to arrive:
from Navojoa take the highway to the coast: Navojoa - Etchojoa - Huatabampo.





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