On your next trip to Sonora don't miss to visit Empalme.-

    Enjoy and visit beautiful beaches as El Cochorit. During the first months of the year whales coming from cold  waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.The coast line of Empalme offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.

    An excellent 4 lane paved highway leads to Empalme and a ferry Service to Baja's peninsula makes it easer the arrival of visitors.

   Only 50 km south of Empalme in a place called Tetacombiate you will find the ruins of a fort used by the Ejercito Federal Porfirista in the war against the Yaquis. Nearby the tomb of Tetabiate, a brave yaqui warrior.

How to arrive:
Take International Highway #15, between the Port of Guaymas and Ciudad Obregón:
6 miles south of Guaymas or
73 miles north of Ciudad Obregón

Empalme's Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit these beautiful city.-




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