30° 41' north - 112° 09' west - Altitude 1,000 ft.

    Caborca - the Pearl of the Desert - is located 245 miles north of Hermosillo, the capital of the State of Sonora.

    The region was habitated before the Spanish conquest by Great Chief Soba, a brave cacique who commanded most of the Indians living in Arizona and the actual territory of the State of Sonora. In 1692 father Eusebio Francisco Kino arrives to  convert the Indians to catholicism and baptizes the place as La Concepción de Nuestra Señora de Caborca building a mission at Cerro Prieto. In 1857  Henry Alexander Crabb, a north american pirate, invades the Mexican territory attacking the town. After six days of deadly fights, the pirates were killed.

    A cattle raising and agricultural region by excellency, Caborca is known by the quality of the grapes, olives and asparagus produced.

    The principal festivities held in Caborca are the conmemoration of the battle against Crabb on April 6, the grape harvest or "vendimia" in July and the Canaco Expo in August and September.

    More than 110 miles of coast washed by the Sea of Cortes offers the visitor beautiful sandy virgin beaches that are waiting to be discovered. Adventure yourself visiting the small fisherman villages of Puerto Lobos, Desemboque, Los Tanques, Santo Tomás, Las Salinas and Bahía San Jorge. It will be an unforgettable experience. During the first months of the year whales coming from cold  waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.The coast line of Caborca offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.

    Other great attractions: the petroglifs of the Hohokam culture disseminated along the county; San José hill at La Calera, Mojoqui, Lista Blanca, Alamo highlands,  Potrero de Balderrama and Nazareno hill.

How to arrive:
Take Federal Highway #2, between Santa Ana and Sonoita:
63 miles west of Santa Ana
      92miles south of Sonoita.

Caborca's Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit this beautiful city.-



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