Agua Prieta
31 19' north - 109 33' west - Altitude: 3,445 ft.

    Border crossing city with the United States of America located at the northeast of the State of Sonora takes its name that translated means Dark Waters, from the color the water took at the natural reservoirs. The original native name was Bachicuy.

    Its origin comes from 1899 during the time that the railroad to Douglas was build from the copper mines at Nacozari de Garca in Sonora. Agua Prieta is one of the youngest cities of Sonora - on November 11th, 1942 it was declared as such.

    We recomend the following trip that will take you to old towns situated alongside the Sonora River:

    Take the southern exit of Agua Prieta: pass thru Fronteras, Esqueda, Cumpas, the Nacozari mining center, Mazocahui, Baviacora with its churches in front of the main plaza, Aconchi - that will offer you wooden carved handcrafts and a thermal water park, Huepac and its hospitality, Banamichi awaits with a monument where four indians hold an arqueological rock with signs made by the Opata indians, afterwards you will reach Arizpe, the historical ex-capital of the State, Bacoachi with beautiful views of the Sonora River and at the end you will arrive to the mining town of Cananea

     Crossing the Mexico-USA border, visit Cochise County: Bisbee - a city that preserves the european architecture of the XIX century - and Tombstone famous and legendary town of the old wild west.


How to arrive:
From Hermosillo: By Federal Highway #15 to Imuris. There, take highway to Cananea up to Agua Prieta (213 miles).-
From USA: through Douglas, Arizona border city with Agua Prieta.-

  Agua Prieta's Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit this beautiful city.



Municipio de

 Agua Prieta

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